Friday, June 26, 2015

Leaving Golden

Tomorrow we will be leaving Golden, CO.  We have really enjoyed our stay here an will miss seeing the mountains.  Lookout Mountain can be seen from our rig.

Lookout Mountain
We have pretty views from our campground.

The storage areas are not pretty, but the hills are nice and green.

This was our view from our dining room when a rig didn't block it.  We used to walk up there until Mom saw a snake.

 We have a reason to celebrate leaving.  You see, we didn't think Scout would be with us when we left.  She was taken to the ER the day after Mother's Day.  She has cancer.  It is by her eye and it cannot be operated on. The doctor told us that she probably had about eight weeks. It has been seven.  She has been taking pain medication.  Mom told her she could have whatever she wanted and boy, has she taken advantage of that.  There are times that she drives Mom crazy asking for treats.  The only time Mom gets rest is when Scout is sleeping. She is still happy with walks, treats and eating.  She chased a bunny tonight.  She chatters for Mom.  She hasn't given up yet. Mom wasn't going to say anything here because she didn't want to re-live Scout being sick when we look back at our blog, but we decided that this isn't a sad post for us.  It is a celebration that she is still with us. Please do not question the treatment of Scout's illness.  She has been seen by more than one doctor and the answers we received were the same.  Pain management is what they all recommended due to the advancement of the cancer.  It has been an extremely difficult time for us.  Many tears have been shed even though we wanted to live in the moment for her.  We are taking it a day at a time and enjoying the good days with her.

We really hope that Scout does okay on the trip. I know Mom is nervous about it.   I am supposed to be careful and not bump her.  I tend to get excited when we travel.  We are going home for a visit.  Scout is excited to see Grandma.  We then we head to Baltimore.

Scout this past Sunday showing she is still happy.  She looks pretty normal from the front, but the side view is where you can tell something is wrong.  Mom said there will be no pictures posted of her from the side. 
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