Sunday, May 24, 2015

Anniversary Weekend

Our folks were married on Memorial weekend, 29 years ago.  Wow!  They sure are old!  Today is their actual anniversary. 

Yesterday, they went to the Golden History Museum.  They said it was interesting.   Did you know that Jolly Ranchers candy or the Kong dog toys started in Golden, CO?

The museum also has a very rare piano.  It is covered in velvet.

They learned about the "M" that is made of rocks on Lookout Mountain.  On the first Monday of school, the freshmen band members of the School of Mining carry a ten pound rock that they have brought from home up to Lookout Mountain. They then paint their rock white and a new M is formed.  The M is easily be seen from city of Golden.  The students sing when they complete their mission and it is said they can be heard in Golden.

There was also a section dedicated to Coors beer.

Today, the folks decided to drive up to Lookout Mountain.  They did that back in 2013, but decided to do it again.  Here is the link from 2013.
Bikers were everywhere going up the mountain.

Lots of people in the air.

See the white?  That is the M that we told you about.  It is not a good photo, but Mom couldn't get a front view of it.
Inside the nature center.  The displays were very nice.


Outside the nature center.

On top of Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain as seen from the ground.  It is the mountain in the middle.
The folks then drove to Red Lobster for their anniversary lunch.  They said it was good.  Mom brought home leftovers but all we got were some mozzarella sticks.  Scout said they were delicious.  I thought they were okay.

The folks bought a DVR for their anniversary.  Since we have a pay as you go satellite system, we do not have a receiver with a DVR built into it.  Mom said that now when we interrupt her TV programs with wanting to go for a walk, she will just hit record and off we will go.  It sounds great to us.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  I am not sure what our plans are, but here is a photo of us from Memorial Day 2013.  We were in Arlington, TX.

The Greyhound Who Is Enjoying The Holiday Weekend With His Family

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