Friday, May 1, 2015

Still Learning The New Rig

Electric Issues

We have only had our new rig less than two months, so we are still learning things about it.  Monday night, Mom was fixing dinner.  She had the fireplace, induction cooktop and convection oven on.  Everything went off, so she thought she had tripped a breaker.  She checked and everything was okay. She reset the kitchen breaker anyway and things started working again.  Then, everything went off.  She thinks she has run all of those items at one time in the past, but maybe not. She didn't turn the induction cooktop back on this time, but the convention oven quit working again. She was confused.  She checked outside and the electric was still on.  She came back in and noticed that the meter said that the batteries were low.  She knew we were in trouble then.  You see, when our electric is not on, things continue to run because of our inverter. The TV, fridge and convection oven were running on the inverter. We don't know for how long, but it drained our batteries.  Mom called Dad and he was on his way home.  He got home and re-checked everything Mom had checked.  Mom started checking the Internet for answers. Dad started reading the manual. Dad placed a call to Entergra's emergency line.  Mom was hoping they would call back because we needed heat.  Finally, the man called back at 8 p.m. our time.  He troubleshooted everything with Dad.  It turns out it was a breaker, but it was a breaker in the basement....way in the back of the basement.  The folks didn't even know that one existed.  Dad reset it and we had power again.  We found out that our fireplace always runs off the inverter.  It shouldn't do that, so we need to get that changed. 

Snakes and Neighbors

Yesterday, we walked up the "mountain" and saw a snake.  It wasn't a rattlesnake. We are not sure what kind it was, so we waited for it to clear the path and we kept going.   On the way down the "mountain" we met a lady from Missouri.  Actually, it turns out that she lives in the same subdivision that the folks used to live when they lived in Eureka, MO.  How cool is that?  Scout and I just laid in the grass while they talked because it was a long conversation.

We had a week here where we didn't have a view.  Mom hated that.  The guy who pulled in next to us totally blocked us.
Nice view....Not!
 Today, the rent goes up here so a lot of people have left. 
We have a view again.
Lots of empty spaces now.

Tiny House

The lady who owns the "tiny house" had planned on staying, but the park owner said he didn't like the look of her home.  He told her she needed to leave.  She was unable to find a park nearby that had openings, so she headed back home to work.  She is a traveling nurse.  Her house will be here until next week as she does not have a truck.  She had to hire a driver to move it. She needs to buy a truck so that she can move on her own.

She told us that she will be on HGTV in June.  We are not sure of the name of the program but it has to do with tiny houses.  We are anxious to see her on TV.

The Greyhound Who Is Relaxing After A Morning Of Cleaning

End of March - More Condo Updates

 March has been very nice here weatherwise.  We have had many beautiful days!  We survived spring break.  It wasn't crazy with college...