Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Mom says we are going to turn into prunes with all this rain.  We can't remember when the rain began.  Was it last Wednesday or Thursday?  It hasn't really been all day rain, but several showers a day.  Yesterday, we had heavier rain that lasted for several hours.  The rain is supposed to continue until Monday.  The rain is causing worms to come out to the pavement.  Mom says she has never seen so many worms.  The robins are quite happy because they are having a feast with the worms.

In other news, the campground is about half full now.  The rates went up on Friday. They doubled.  Dad said the owner probably doesn't care if he is half full because he is still making the same money and less people to deal with.  We were supposed to leave on the 16th and head to a campground in the mountains. The folks decided to check it out on Sunday.  Mom said she didn't like the drive at all.  It is about 28 miles from here, but it is driving in the mountains. The interstate wasn't so bad. There were road grades of 6%.  They then had to take another road for 8 miles and that had road grades of 8%.  Yikes!  Mom said that you actually drive right past the campground, but you can't reach it without going down the mountain.  When you reach the bottom, you have to basically make a U-turn which is tricky in a motor home and go back up the mountain.  Mom was still thinking it might be okay, but then they reached the campground. The campground gets really good reviews.  Yes, you have a great view, but the campground is nothing but gravel.  The dog walk was even gravel.  :::sigh:::  Dad said it would be okay.  Mom didn't say much, but she was not happy and almost near tears because she didn't want Dad to make that drive every day. What if it snowed?  Yes, it is still snowing in the mountains.  We would be stuck there and Dad would be stuck at work.  That would not be good.  Over lunch, Dad asked Mom if she wanted to stay here even though it is killing our budget.  She said yes, so they spoke with the campground and extended our stay.  It sure is nice having Dad just three miles from us when he is at work. 

The park is half full, but we still have a rig parked right next to us.  This is our view.  Mom hopes he leaves soon.

The Tiny House is supposed to be picked up today.  Mom wants to see that.

Oh, this was funny.  Friday afternoon, this couple moved in with their fifth wheel. Mom said they looked like Archie and Edith Bunker.  He hooked up everything up and then he hooked up the water. The water starting spraying out.  He starting screaming "TURN IT OFF, TURN IT OFF".   We are not sure why he was yelling.  He is the one that was standing next to it to turn it off.  He then bent over and his pants almost fell off.  Mom got a really good view.  She turned away because she was embarrassed by what she saw.  :::snicker:::  The next think we saw was the wife on the phone holding the map of the place. She was probably calling maintenance.  Then, we saw "Archie" all the way across the park jumping up and down yelling at his wife to come there.  After that, we saw them walking all over the park. Mom said it looked like they were in a Pac Man game.  It was quite funny. They came back and hooked up the fifth wheel and moved to the other side of the park. The next afternoon, they were back on our side. Why?  We don't know.  We are not that nosey.  :::snicker:::

We heard that the campground we stayed at in Summerdale, AL had a small tornado on April 25th.  Some of the campers in storage were damaged. Also, some campers that were occupied had awning damage and one at roof damage.  Yikes!  I bet that was scary!

This is where we stayed that had the small tornado.

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