Saturday, July 4, 2009

Scout's A Storm Buster, Too!

Scout has become a member of the Storm Buster Club. We had storms this morning, so Mama put my "Storm Buster" shirt on me and since Scout was scared, she asked her if she wanted to wear a shirt. Scout never wants to wear anything, so her willingness to wear a t-shirt surprised us. I think maybe she realized that she was the only one in the house not wearing a shirt and felt funny. Scout put the shirt on and she settled right down. The "Storm Buster" shirt works on her, too. Notice her tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth...yeah, she does that. Her real sister does that too. It must be a family thing.

Tonight, the fireworks are starting. Something shook our house. We don't know what it was for sure, but Scout and I both jumped on Mama and Daddy's bed. We are staying in the bedroom. It's safe in here. Mama turned the TV on, so we are settled in for a night of TV watching from bed. We may have to put our shirts on tonight. We will have to see if they work as firework busters, too. Mama said she is staying home tonight so that we won't be alone. I'm so glad.

Happy 4th everyone! Hope you have a quiet evening.

President of the Storm Buster Club

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