Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Unexpected Camping Trip

I'm camping! Any guesses where? In our driveway!!! Our air conditioner quit working last night. We slept in the house last night because we opened all the windows and had all the ceiling fans going and it actually got chilly. This morning, Mama started work early so that she could be finished before it got hot in the house. We stayed in the house until 2:30 and decided to come on out here and camp. The air conditioning works here! LOL It's 89 degrees outside, so we are glad to have a place to cool off. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be 93. We hope Daddy can fix the air conditioning tonight.

Daddy knows how to fix air conditioners. He went to school for that. He can fix most anything. He bought the part today, but since the last part blew up, he doesn't know if other damage was done. We will know tonight.

It's definitely more fun camping some place other than the driveway even though I have never really seen our yard from this view. Scout and I are basically just hanging out. Mama just finished watching Guiding Light. She normally doesn't get off work as early as she did today, but she thought it would be hard to work out here. She may have to do it tomorrow though.

Last month, our refrigerator broke and the next day our washing machine broke. What is up with that? Daddy fixed the washing machine, but the refrigerator is still broke. We are using the old one that is in the laundry room and now we are living in the motor home. This has been a strange summer. LOL

The lucky greyhound who gets to camp during the work week!

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