Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home Again!

We are home from a four day camping weekend. We stayed at Sam A. Baker State Park. It's a really nice place and almost feels like a resort with all the amenities.

Mama's back was hurting her a lot, so we mainly sat around the campsite. It was very relaxing though. I had my camping bed along with my Disney's Baby comforter that my foster mom gave me when I left her house and we put both of those outside so that we could spread out. I love my Disney comforter. It always travels with us. Scout and I basically just relaxed outside and took long walks with the folks and Grandma and Grandpa. We went to the river one day. I do not like water. Scout, however, likes to lay down in it. She stayed out for about 20 minutes. I sat on my comforter where it was dry.

We ate lots of good food and, of course, Frosty Treats came with us.

Mama didn't take any photos. She said that we basically look the same at every campsite. I don't know how she can say that. We flip over from time to time.

We were sad to come home yesterday.

The Greyhound Who Loves To Camp

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