Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back From Camping...Again

We are home from camping. We went to Montauk State Park which is a trout fishing park. The weather was beautiful. It was only in the 70's, which is abnormal for us this time of year.

Daddy, Grandpa and my skin cousin, Ryan, went trout fishing. They were gone almost the entire time. Here are a few of the fish that Daddy caught. Look away if fish scare you.

I had a great time spending time outside with Mama and Grandma.

Scout on the other hand decided to spend most of the weekend inside. Yes, she is still being strange. She did take some walks, but she preferred to be inside.

Mama says that Scout has developed a "Scout-a-tude". You know an attitude only Scout style. She says sometimes I have a Jack-a-tude. I'm not sure what she is referring to.

The main reason Mama wanted to camp this weekend was because there was a man there banding hummingbirds. I didn't get to see it, but she said it was interesting.

They also left us behind when they toured an old mill. Mama said there were bats that kept flying over her head and that scared her. Supposedly there are 400 bats that live there. Here's a picture of the mill.

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