Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Rest Of The Trip To California

We interrupted telling you about our trip to California to show you photos of our new home.  We figured we better tell you today before we forget about it.  (Mom is 50 now and her memory is not that good.  ::::snicker::::)


This sign was at the rest area.

This is where the sign was located - in the dog area.

This seems like a scary place to drive.

We had to wait in line to cross the border into CA.  They just waved us through but the horses in front of us were checked over.  Our campground was just across the border.

This was the dog area at our first California campground.

Scout was not happy with the heat.

Our site.
The campground was nice.  It was supposed to have a dog beach, but it just looked like a bunch of weeds to us. 

This campground looks neat!

This is the lake at our campground.

We have some pretty views.

Traveling is exhausting!
The sunrise from our site.

Our first site here.
We had to move to another site last Saturday as someone else had reserved the site. That was an adventure.  Dad was concerned about being able to angle the motor home.  Mom told him he could do it.  Well, it would have been easier if a car wasn't in our way.  We couldn't do it, so we went back to our first site and we called the park office. They sent a guy down who told us we could have the "emergency site".  It looked easy because it is a pull thru, but it is a curved pull thru with a big tree.  It was not easy and it took a while, but we got in.

Our rig is taller than that low branch.

The pine tree didn't help things.  See how we are almost off the pad?  We had to do that because of the trees.
Then, you have the electric box on the other side, so you can get all the way over.

Some sites have no trees.  Wow, that would be an easy site to get in.
It is not a bad site.  The other side is really where we should be, but it is all weeds.  There is more action on this side.

This is our view.

I think I watched a gopher this morning.

We couldn't get a good photo.
We have to go to another campground this weekend.  We would rather stay put, but this is a county park and they only allow campers to stay 14 days.  They charge a dollar a day per dog here.  Dad says the money comes out of our food budget.  Yikes!  The next campground will be closer to Dad's work.  We are currently 50 miles from his work and on a good day, it takes him 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to work.  He thinks his drive will be about an hour when we move.

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