Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ready For A Tour Of Our New Home? Tons of Photos

Mom has our new home pretty much organized, so she said we could take you on a tour today.

Our new home is a 2015 Entegra, Aspire 44B.  The exterior is Shimmering Cabernet.  The interior is Espresso and Windsor Cherry.  It has a bath and a half.  Four slides.  3 AC units which are divided into three zones.  It seems to have remotes for everything.  We have heated floors.  It is well insulated and includes the Polar Pack Insulation (Floor: R-33 Roof:R-24 Sidewalls R-16). We have had a few mornings in the 30's and we couldn't even tell.  That is a big change for us.  It has a security system, but we don't like it as it goes off when we move around at night.  Oh, it also has an automatic generator which will turn on if the electric goes off.  The nice thing about that is Mom will not have to worry about us not having AC if the electric goes off when she is gone.  She always worried about that.  One of Mom's favorite things is the rooftop satellite.  It is so much easier to use than our old system.  We may still need to use our old system if we are parked under a tree.

We have shades over the windows.  Mom has always wanted those.  It really keeps the heat off the windows.

The awning is out on this one.  There is also an awning over the door.
We have an outdoor TV.  It also has a stereo, DVD player and CD player.

You can see the window awning through the window.

Mom wasn't happy with the mirrors on the ceiling, but they really aren't bad. The first night that I saw Scout on the ceiling, I was a little freaked out.

Scout loves the new place.
Our fireplace.  The TV is 50" and has a Bose sound system. 

This is our electronics center, craft area. Mom is happy to have a table again. It is also nice to have a place to keep the computers and printer. 

The table does extend and there are four chairs total. They take up a lot of room though.

The dealership gave the folks a bottle of wine.  I think they are going to drink it this weekend.

The sink is deep.

Here the sink is with the covers on it. 

The cooktop.

This it the convection/microwave oven.  It seems to work much better than our old one, but Mom says she still needs to figure it out.  There is not an oven in this rig.

The top cabinets all have pull outs.  Mom is still deciding if she likes them.

Here the bottom one is pulled out.

The fridge is a residential one. It runs off the inverter when we are driving.  Mom loves it.  Our frosty treats get frozen in just a few hours instead of a full 24 hours.
The passenger chair turns into a recliner.

Pulling this cabinet out provided additional counter space.

Here it is pushed in.

Part of the central vac system.  Mom just sweeps up to this and kicks it on with her foot.  It sucks it away.

We haven't used this yet.  It is the central vac.  We are still using our old vacuum. We need to get it out of the box.

We have 6 of these in the rig.  It controls our lighting.

These are the remotes in the living area.  We have more in the cab, outside, the bedroom and the bathrooms.

There is a built in GPS that is made for RVs.  Mom loves it.  The second screen is the back-up camera.

The TV screen in the cab displays whatever you want on it.  This is the GPS.
This outlet lets you plug UBS devices.
The kitchen pantry.

It still needs to be organized.  Mom is able to keep appliances in it.
The half bath.

The bedroom. 32" TV with the same Bose sound system.

All the windows have two shades.  There is a black one that helps keep the sun out and keeps people from seeing in and the white one it put down at night for darkness.

The bed is king and it is a sleep number.  This is the replacement comforter that we bought.  The one that came with the rig was beautiful but not dog friendly.  The folks put it in a storage bag.

Here you can see the black shade.

Scout says the ceiling fan is great.  She also likes the bed, but is still determining her sleep number.

We have a washer and a dryer with this one.  They are in the full bath.  I think Mom has washed everything we own already.  I am surprised she hasn't tried to wash me. 

Why are we showing you this?  It is different.

See, it is just like one in the house. 

You even choose how you want to flush.  It is a little scary because when you use the big flush it looks like it is going to overflow.

We still need to buy something to hold the shampoo and stuff.  The shower is nice and big.

This fan really moves air.

The top remote is for the fan.  We have the same system in the other bathroom.

There is lighting under the cabinet.  We leave that on at night.  There is also lighting like that in the kitchen.

The closet and the cabinet which houses the washer and dryer.
 I think that concludes our tour today.  We love our new home.  It is really comfy and feels like a real home. 

It appears that our old rig already has a new owner. We hope the new owners like it as much as we did.

The Greyhound Who Is Exhausted After This Tour  ;-)

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