Sunday, March 8, 2015

We Are Camping With A Bear

Did I get your attention?  BOL!  We are camping with Yogi Bear.  :::snicker:::

Scout actually got hugged by Yogi, but Mom's camera didn't take photos for some reason.  Scout says "good, no evidence."  I was too busy watching the squirrels.  The squirrels are nuts here.  They are not scared of me.  I almost caught one. 

This campground is pretty nice.  It is designed for kids, of course. There is a waterpark, paintball, blow-up slides and jumpy houses.  There is fishing as well as inside games.  Last night, they had fire engine rides as well as a hayride that turned into a parade with people with their golf carts.  We have been told that in the summer, this place is sold out all the time.  It is crazy enough on the weekends. We cannot imagine how it is in the summer.  I like it because there are cats and squirrels all over.

Sculptures are all over.

Yogi by the lake.

The are a lot of cabins and they are full on weekends.

Yesterday, the folks returned to Fort Worth for some sightseeing. 

Rodeos and other events are held here.

Stock Yards Museum
Well, tomorrow is the big day.  We are moving into our new home, unless something unexpected happens.  Scout and I haven't seen it in person yet.  Mom said we are probably not going to be thrilled.  It only has one couch and we won't have our dinette bed anymore. We will each have our own dog bed, so at least we have that.  :-(  The folks will have a king sized Sleep Number bed.  Scout will have to find out what her number is as I am sure she will make use of it. 

We hope it is not bad luck to show you a sneak preview of our new home.  It is a little fancier than us, but we figure it won't look so fancy with our hair all over it.  BOL!

The wood is a cherry.  At first, Mom wanted a lighter wood, but she loved the shine of this wood.  Dad really wanted the dark couch.  This is the combination that Dad wanted and I think Mom surprised him by saying she liked it. She says it looks prettier in person.  Yep, that is a fireplace and guess what?  The floors are heated.  Mom and I will like that.

Mom is very excited about this fridge. It also has a large pantry.

The cabinets have pull-out trays. Items should stay put better when Dad hits a curb.  :::snicker:::

Stackable washer and dryer.

It has a bath and a half.  This is the full bath.
It has a TV that we can watch outside.  Mom and I needed that in Alabama.   We will tell you all about the other options after we move in.  Keep your fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly. 

The Greyhound Who Hopes He Likes His New Home

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