Thursday, March 5, 2015

Austin - Lots Of Traffic

We ended up spending more time in Austin than we planned. Our plan was for Dad to take his test and for the folks to visit LBJ Museum. We wanted to then head to Dallas, but the snowy weather there kept us in Austin. The folks were able to visit the LBJ Ranch which they totally enjoyed.

The campground we stayed in was convenient as it was right off the highway, but the traffic was terrible.  Houston, Dallas and Austin all have heavy traffic.  Mom still doesn't like the feeder roads in Texas.  An example is this campground.  You have to double back on a feeder road to get to it.  All the sites were pull-thrus.  It looks like it used to be a KOA. 

One of the couples that works in the office at this campground loves greyhounds.  They invited us into the office to get some loving.

Here are some photos of the campground:

Our site.

The dog park.

Here we are leaving Austin.  The traffic is heavy.  Mom said it was worse on Sunday night.  They had a heck of a time just getting out of the campground.
Our trip to Dallas was uneventful until we stopped to get gas.  We normally go to the truck area, but there was a long line.  We decided to use the RV fuel lines.  We were waiting behind an RV that was trying to get propone. The RV discovered they needed to turn around to get their propane filled.  While they were turning around, a tractor trailer decided he was going to get in front of us.  It took him forever to fill up because the RV pumps do not fill fast like the truck pumps do.  So, we had to wait.  Well, in the meantime, the RV wanting to fill up couldn't get to the propane because of the tractor trailer.  We all had to wait.  The attendant asked us to back up.  Dad told him we couldn't with the car attached. When the tractor trailer finished, Dad went through the lane to get out of the way of the RV because he needed to get to the propane tank which is where we were and our rig would block him if we got gas.  Well, the RV couldn't make the turn with his car attached, so he ended up having to unhook his car.  He was not happy.  Mom decided to run across to Burger King and get us some lunch while this was going on.  Finally, the RV got out of our way and we filled our tank.  Luckily, we were not in a hurry because this stop took us 45 minutes.

This truck full of cattle were in front of us at the gas station. They started backing up and Dad had to blow our air horns to let them know we were there. 

As we pulled out of the gas station, Dad ran up on the curb.  Our kitchen cabinet flew open and our plates and bowls spilled out.  Our printer flew off the cabinet in the bedroom.  It was a mess.

We finally arrived in Dallas.  Actually, we are to the South of Fort Worth.  We have had terrible weather since we arrived last Thursday.  We have had ice, snow, cold, wind, heavy rain and another bout of snow last night. Mom has been sick with a cold. We have not had fun while here.  Our plan was to buy a new RV, but the weather has played havoc on our plans.  We should be in it right now, but the darn weather delayed things.  As it stands right now, we are going to miss Escapade in AZ.  Yep, all of our plans have changed.  Anyway, we are supposed to move in on Monday.  Will it happen?  Stay tuned!

The Greyhound Who Is Not Sure About This New RV

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