Monday, March 16, 2015

I Kissed A Horse And I Liked It

Wow, a week ago today we were moving into our new home.  The week definitely went fast and we covered some miles.  We are now in Chino, CA and Dad is back at work.  Today, Mom started getting things organized in our new home.  There is still a lot to do.
Organizing is exhausting!
After we left the dealership, we stopped at an RV park in Abilene, TX.  The park was filled with oil field workers.  It was a very basic park.  The problem was that it was muddy.  The mud was bad, but then add little rocks to it and that is some nasty stuff.  Scout and I had trouble walking with the rocks being stuck to our paws.  Mom had to rinse off our feet every time we went outside.  We only went out a few times due to that.  It was not fun. We were glad to get out of there.

The next day, we headed to Pecos, TX.  We spent the night at an Escapees park.  We knew the reviews were bad for this park and we had heard it was the worst park in the Escapees system, but we wanted to see for ourselves.  Yep, it was bad.  It is not full of retirees.  It is full of oil field workers. We don't have a problem with that, but we do have a problem with the condition of the park.  It looks very run down.  It is basically just a parking lot with trailers on it.  Escapees should be embarrassed to have their name on this park.  The park manager spoke to us and told us that no one wants to work there.  He and his wife have a deal where they work for nine months and get three off.

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Dad and Scout walking through the park.

Bed of a truck and tarp over the roof.  This was our view.

Sites are close together.
We were able to walk to a nearby park.  There was mud, but grass, so we were good.  The next morning, we walked up to some horses.  The horses were very curious and followed me around as I walked outside their fence.  One of the horses leaned down and I kissed her nose.  She was sweet!

We finally left Texas on Wednesday.  We saw some pretty scenery as we left Texas and drove through New Mexico and Arizona.


Parked at a rest area.

Scout looks pretty happy at this rest area.

We arrived at an Escapees park in Benson, AZ on Thursday. We stayed there for two nights. Our stay was free thanks to our friends, Val and Lee.  They had won a free stay there, but couldn't use it, so they gave it to us.

Our site was quite large.

See, we have lots of room.

We were not allowed to sniff the landscaping.

We walked through the desert and got lost.  Yep, we did.  It was getting dark and we thought we had stayed on the main path. We turned around to come home and we were lost.  Mom got scared. She was worried about wildlife and cacti. We found our way home just as it got really dark.

This is the large dog park.  Just gravel. :-(

Another scene heading into the desert.

The sun is setting.

Is Scout happy or concerned?

This is the club house.  There is an exercise room, library, etc.

People lease the lots and they really take pride in their homes.

There is a train track going through this yard.

This is where people dry camp (camp without any hook-ups).

Pretty views.

This park is very nice. Dad asked Mom if she would want to stay there in the winter. She told him no.  She said it was not a good park for us because of all the cacti and no grass.  We also had to be on the lookout for rattlesnakes.  They do come into the park.  We were told so by one of the residents.  The people there were very nice.  One man gave Dad a tour of his home. A welcome wagon even came by while the folks were gone.  They left them a packet of information.

Scout is enjoying the new rig.
The folks visited Tombstone, AZ while we were at this park. We will tell you about that next time.

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