Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Weather People Were Wrong!

Yep, the weather people were wrong yesterday.  They showed a HUGE cloud with a little sun behind it.  They said it would become a partly sunny afternoon.  Guess what?  The sun was out at 8 a.m. and stayed out all day long!  We added a lunch time walk to our day!

 It was nice to lay in the sunbeam. While I was laying in the sunbeam, I started thinking.  Why is it that when I am served something on a paper plate, I am not allowed to eat the plate?  I am just trying to help Mama. Why I am not allowed to pee on a truck tire? It's not like they are clean. They drive over all sorts of things. Rules that humans have do not make sense to me.

Last night, our Emeal dinner was Baked Spaghetti.  Mama said it was pretty good.  It is a layer of cooked spaghetti mixed with eggs, olive oil and then Parmesan Cheese, then ricotta cheese, hamburger, tomato sauce and Italian Cheese Blend. Mama said she would like it better with more sauce on the spaghetti.

Baked Spaghetti
It looks like our closing is not going to happen this week.  It looks like it will happen next week which was the original date. We have our paws crossed that it happens. 

Mama finally tried the Starbucks' Hot Cocoa that she has been drooling over. She was surprised that you add milk to it and not water.  She was disappointed that she could not taste the salted caramel at all. It is a dark chocolate which she really is not a fan of.  She hoped the caramel would hide some of that, but it doesn't. 

Have you seen this?  Mama bought it to go in her hot cocoa.  She thought this might be better than buying a bag that would go bad.

They are little and are hard.  Mama put some in our frosty treats recently and we liked them.  Mama said they are good in hot cocoa, but probably not as good as the puffy ones.

Dad found a marshmallow behind my ear one day.  He asked what it was and Mama brought out the jar to show him.  He just shook his head.  Well, we had to try them, didn't we?  I guess I didn't eat all of mine and I laid on it.  It happens.

The Greyhound Whose Weather Is Supposed To Be Sunny For The Next Week

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