Tuesday, January 22, 2013

....And They Are Off!

Mama and Daddy did something on Sunday that some of our readers may not like.  We have debated rather or not to talk about it.  What did they do?  They went to a greyhound race track.  We know that not everyone approves of racing. We understand that.  We know that not all greyhounds are treated well and, of course, we do not like that at all.   Mama also knows that some owners treat their dogs very well and they make sure they have homes when they retire. We don't want to start a debate on racing here. They wanted to see firsthand what it was like for me on race day since racing is MY history. 

 The first thing they noticed was that the parking lot was nearly empty.  It was a HUGE parking lot and it was empty.  They were able to park right up front.

The inside was empty.  Mama was surprised.  Dad told her that it shows greyhound racing is definitely dying.  They were surprised this place was even open.  There was like five people sitting outside. 

Mama had hoped to see the greyhounds that were up for adoption, but she only saw one and he was in a locked office.  She also thought they might have greyhound items to purchase, but there wasn't anything like that.

They sat outside to watch the races.  If you sit inside, you can watch the dogs being weighed via TV screens before they come outside.  Mama said there was one that reminded her of me because he wasn't paying attention and he was looking all around.  Yep, that is me!

The track.

The dogs being brought out.

And, they are off!
Mama said it was bittersweet to see the dogs racing.  She knows we love to run, but after the race, we are sent back to the kennel and we just wait for the next race. She was also sad thinking that some of these dogs may not be adopted.  She was glad she experienced it, but probably will not go again. 

On a happier note, the folks ate a fun place before they went to the track.  They ate Armadillo Eggs!  Check out Mama's blog to see her review.

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