Friday, January 11, 2013

Naked Afternoon

We survived the rain that Tuesday and Wednesday brought us. Tuesday wasn't bad. We had a lot of dry time. Mama drove us crazy by taking us out whenever the rain stopped. We talked to Dad about it and it was agreed that we would just go out at our normal times on Wednesday and take our chances. It rained for a good five hours non-stop, but it was during our normal nap time, so no problem for us.

Another rainy day in Houston.
Yesterday, the sun came out and it was in the 70's. Mama decided to wash our ID collars and let them dry in the sun. We had a naked afternoon.
Naked Scout

Scout has no shame.

Are you looking at my naked neck?
Naked is good!
 Mama wanted us to walk in the nice warm weather yesterday, but we preferred to sleep.  She forced us to go out for a while.

We still have flowers here.

"Yep, the flowers are pretty.  Can we go home now?"

"I really want to take a nap!"
"I'm going to take a nap in a sunbeam."
Today, is cleaning day.  Mama washed ALL the blankets and sheets.  The carpet has been vacuumed, the floors have been mopped.  I don't know why she bothers because it will all be a mess by tonight.

Sometimes you just have to close your eyes during the cleaning.
Last night, our Emeals dinner was Skillet Chicken Curry and Rice.  Mama said it was good.

Skillet Chicken Curry and Rice
The closing of our house may be moved up to next week!  We haven't said much about it, but it has been problem-free so far.  Mama says she will be very relieved when it is final.

The Greyhound Who Was Naked Yesterday

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