Friday, January 18, 2013

Cough, Cough, Cough

That's our Mama, "cough, cough, cough".  She has been doing that since New Year's Day.  She heard on the news that it can last up to three weeks.  It is getting better, so maybe it will be gone next week.

Mama talked to the title company yesterday and they are sending us our closing papers on the house today. They are going to email them to us.  We will print them and take them to a notary tomorrow and then we will send them back to the title company.  As of last night, everything was on track for the buyers to close on January 23rd.  The title company forgot that we would not be there in person for the closing.  It's a good thing Mama called them to make sure everything was okay.  

We had some new neighbors move in on Saturday.  We could see they had a lab when they opened the door, but we never saw him outside.  Poop bags would appear outside their door, but no dog was seen.  Mama started to really wonder about them.  Yesterday, we actually saw him outside.  He ran outside, did his business and ran right back in. It was less than a minute.  We are glad he is doing his business outside, but feel sorry for him.  He is not getting walked and he is fat.  Poor guy.  Dad said it would be nice if we were trained like that on rainy days. 

Scout looks like Jack in this photo.
Have you tried these?  Dad bought these and Mama tried them.  She was shocked at how much horseradish is in them.  They will burn your tongue!  At first, Mama didn't like them, but now she does.  She can't eat many at one time and we haven't been allowed to sample any.  She said she is going to see what other flavors they have at Target tonight. 

Our Emeals dinner last night was Shepherd's Pie.  Mama really liked it.  Dad wasn't thrilled with it.  Mama didn't tell him that she changed the recipe.  It was supposed to have chicken.  She put in ground beef and made her own gravy.

The folks are going to look at motor homes this weekend and they may put in an offer on one.  They found one last week that they liked, but three more came in this week that they are interested in.  One of them actually has a bath and a half.  They would love that, but gaining the half bath causes a loss of closet space.  They will have to decide if it is worth it.  That one also has a king sized bed and a stackable washer and dryer. Most of the motor homes have a combination washer/dryer.  Mama would prefer stackables.  She did some research this week and most people said they loved their combination washer and dryers.  They said they were definitely better than going to the laundromat.  That made her feel better.  She may have to do a load or two every day since the washer is small, but at least she doesn't have to go to the laundromat to do it.

The folks are really excited about getting a new motor home.  We have heard rumors that we may no longer have a bed like we have now.  We may actually have to get dog beds and we may be on the floor.  I am not sure how a new motor home is an upgrade for us if the rumors are true.

The Greyhound Who Wonders If A New Motor Home Is a Good Thing

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