Thursday, January 3, 2013

What Is That In The Sky?

Oh my goodness, it is the sun!  We haven't seen the sun in days!  We have missed the sun.   Yesterday, we had to keep the blinds closed all day to try and keep the heat in the motor home.  It was a damp, dreary day.  The weather people said it would be partly cloudy today and we hoped the sun would come out long enough to heat up the motor home.  So far, the sun is cooperating with us.

We took a walk this morning and when we got to the dog run, we decided to run.  Mama took photos of us and they were fabulous.  However, when she went to load them into the computer, there was a malfunction and now it says there are no new photos on the camera, but there are.  We can't get them off of the camera into the computer.  You will just have to believe us when we say they were some of the best of us ever taken.  BOL!

We wanted to post some old photos of us after a run in the yard, but we can't get that to work either.  So, here are some cute ones of us, just in case you forgot what we look like.

Joey and Scout,
The Greyhounds Who Are Happy To See That Yellow Ball In The Sky

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