Monday, January 21, 2013

One Step Closer

Saturday, Mama said we needed to get up early because we had a lot to do.  Scout tried to help and got Mama up at 4:30 a.m.  Mama said she didn't mean that early. Mama fixed a big breakfast.  She fixed hash browns, sausage, eggs and country gravy.  She layered it all and topped it with cheese.  She said it was good. We were only allowed to eat egg.

The folks left around 9 a.m. and headed to the bank to have the house papers notarized.  Mama had thought about going to the UPS store to have it done since they could also mail it.  However, she called them to find out their fee and it was $24 to notarized the papers. She called Chase Bank and they said it was free since they have a credit card with them.  Mama was delighted when they pulled in the parking lot and a FedEx store was right next to the bank.  So, they had the papers notarized and then walked over to the FedEx store to make copies and put the paperwork in the mail.  Our part is now complete!  Wednesday is the actually closing date and then we will be house-less.

The folks then drove to the RV place to look at the motor homes they were interested in.  The motor home with the 1.5 bath didn't have enough storage space. Mama said even we would have trouble walking through the bedroom because it was so tight.  Another one that had a really good price had very dark cabinets and Mama just couldn't make herself like it as much as she tried.  The storage in the kitchen was less than what we have now.  There was another one that Mama liked, but it needed all new tires.  She was still holding out for the one she has been dreaming about for a week.  They looked at it and looked at it.  They decided to go to lunch and then come back to make an offer.  They spoke with a salesperson and he said the guy who owns that motor home has turned down nine offers so far.  It is now listed at a "Rock Bottom Price" which means he will not go any lower.  Well, he is listed above book value and Dad said he will not pay that.  The salesman agreed that he was asking way too much.  So, they left disappointed.  The salesman did say that the guy either has to accept an offer soon or lower his price.  The dealership is not a storage facility and they only allow sellers to stay there for 90 days.  Dad is thinking they might try to make an offer on Friday since we know the guy is getting kicked out pretty soon and maybe he will just give up and sell it.  If not, we will find another one.  The big RV show is on the 9th and more used RVs will show up on lots after that.  In case you are wondering, the one with 1.5 baths and the one that needed tires both sold on Saturday.  They sell fast there when the price is right. 

We really hope we get a new motor home soon.  It seems like our space it getting smaller and smaller.  BOL!

"Mama, he is touching me!"

What the heck is this?
It's a giant Armadillo, of course!  It is in the front of a restaurant that the folks have been trying to get into for weeks.  It is always closed for private parties.

 Check out Mama's Blog to find out about this restaurant.  Grandma, I know you are thinking this is where they had the "Armadillo Eggs", but that was another place.  Mama will talk about that later this week. BOL!

The Greyhound Who Has Only Seen Armadillos In Florida And Dead Ones In Missouri, None In Texas - Strange!

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