Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday - Another Wet Day

It has been raining here since Friday night.  They say we are in a drought. We don't know how that it possible.  It seems like it rains all the time.  Yesterday, we got drenched on our 6 a.m. walk.  It was a very cold rain and it took us quite a while to warm up.  It put Scout in a bad mood.

She was grumpy for a few hours.
I took Mama's spot on the couch and got all nice and warm.

Scout was happy later in the day.  Dad is petting her here.  You just can't see Dad.
Yesterday, the folks visited the Holocaust Museum of Houston.  The folks have visited the one in Washington DC and Mama said that one is bigger.  This one highlights some of the holocaust victims that now live in Houston.  Mama said it is a sad place to visit.  Dad said it is not fun, but we need to remember what happened.  Mama said she couldn't look at all the pictures because it was just too awful.

The folks got home in time to watch the Texans game.  The Texans lost.  We were really hoping they would make it to the Super Bowl this year.

We don't really have an update on the fire victim. We do know that his son who is undergoing a bone marrow transplant is married.  The man's daughter-in-law was here on Saturday helping her father-in-law.  The resort is taking donations for him, so we made one. He has a place to stay that is fully furnished, but he still needs clothes and things like that.  We think he probably has a home to go to in Louisiana.

Many of the people who stay here are here for medical reasons.  We have a lot of cancer patients.  There is a shuttle that takes patients to the hospital.  If you are not here for medical reasons, you are here for a job.  The snowbirds are staying further south than us.  We wish we were further south.  Well, everyone but Scout wishes we were further south.  We woke up to 70 degree weather on Saturday and Scout thought it was way too hot.

Dad set up a second heater in our motor home so now we are nice and warm.  We have a propane furnace, but Mama tries to use it only when absolutely necessary because the propane is running low.  We need to move the entire motor home to get it filled and that is a pain.  We are hoping we can make our propane last until we buy our new motor home. 

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