Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dad Comes Home Tonight!

We have been pretty busy here with Dad being gone. Tuesday, Mama stayed home with us all day except for doing laundry. Tuesday night, the pizza man came by with a pizza and cheese bread sticks. Mmmmm! Yesterday, Mama looked at two new motor homes that came in. She liked one, but we would have less storage space than we have now, so it doesn't make sense to buy that one. The price is really good and it is in really nice condition. It's too bad that the storage is so bad. It has a whole wall of windows which would be fun to lay by and watch people go by.  We will keep looking.  She then got her haircut and did some shopping.

Dad didn't call us last night. Mama said it must be too busy for us. :-( We know he was scheduled to go to a rodeo last night.

It has been so windy here. Yesterday, Mama said she was our anchor and we were hers and together we managed to stay on our feet during our walk.  Scout and I thought it was like riding in the car with our heads hanging out.   A man yelled out to us "I'M FROM KANSAS. I COULD HAVE STAYED HOME FOR THIS."  BOL

Yesterday, we had comments on Scout's beauty.  It doesn't bother me when people say Scout is beautiful. I hear it on a daily basis on our walks. Everyone thinks Scout is beautiful. They love her "stripes".  I guess they don't notice my brindle face.  Mama says I am cute and that is enough for me.

Scout has taken some beautiful photos.

I am just a fun guy.
Sometimes we take fun photos together.
Today, on our walk, Scout started limping.  Mama checked her foot and found a leaf.  She then found a piece of mulch.  Scout must have a lot of storage space between her pads.  BOL

The Greyhound Who Is Glad That Dad Will Be Home Tonight

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