Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fire In Our Campground!

Last night, there was a fire in our campground.  Mama and Dad went out to eat and then grocery shopping and missed it.  Scout and I forgot all about it and didn't tell them.  They saw the remains this morning.

See the hole in the middle of the fifth wheel.  It is completely burned.  The front of their truck is burned, too.

How sad!
The back of the damaged fifth wheel.  Their stove, couch and bed are on the ground.
The trailers located on both sides of the fifth wheel have a lot of damage, too.  It is really a sad situation.  We don't know what happened yet.  Mama is going to ask her friend who lives just a few sites away and works in laundry when she sees her.  We can't remember how long the people have been here.  They are from Louisiana according to their license plate.  We hope they didn't have any pets.  We think they had to be home when it happened since their truck was in the driveway and burned, too.

The Greyhound Who Wonders What Caused The Fire

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