Sunday, December 30, 2012

We Got Mail!

We waited impatiently for the mail to be delivered on Friday.  Actually, Mama waited impatiently.  We really didn't care.
The mail contained Christmas cards, magazines, a package for Dad from work and a book Mama ordered.
 Mama has been waiting for the book to arrive for a few weeks. It is a book that shows short hikes in Houston. She ordered it through Amazon for $.49 plus shipping. It was $20 in the store.  She chose a seller located here in Texas thinking it would arrive faster. Well, the tracking had it stuck four hours from us and it said the delivery was anywhere from December 22 to January 9.  When Mama picked up her other mail, the park manager said she had another package.  He said "You have been overlooking it every time you come in here."  Don't you think he could have told her it was there if he saw her overlooking it?  Mama wonders about the park managers sometimes.

Last night, the folks went out to eat and did some shopping.  Mama was excited because she found the Snapple drink mix she has been trying to find.  She tried to order it online, but was not able to do so.  She found that the Walmarts here carry it and sure enough she found it.  She bought three boxes. 

What did you bring us?   Mmmmm.....chicken marsala!
Oh, boy!  A new toy!

It's a snake! 

Oh, boy!  It's just like my dog that I lost!

I love it!

Squeak, Squeak, Squeak.
We have had a nice weekend so far.  New toys and good food.  Life is good!

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