Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Making New Friends Everyday

We take at least three walks around the entire resort each day.  We seem to meet someone new each day.  Yesterday, we met a lady and her child.  They are from Salt Lake City.  We have a man who sits outside his camper quite a bit and Scout thinks he is there just for her.  Today, we met a man who is here for medical treatment.  He was really nice to us.  There are always new dogs that we encounter.  The small dogs try to get at us.  Mama says I am being good because I am not whining as much when I see them.  There are a few that push my buttons though and I get excited and hop around when they come at me.  The larger dogs seem to be more laid back like us when we walk. There are at least three German Shepherds that are here.  There are a few terriers and they are all feisty.

The Weimaraner who sits on the dash.  He is barking at the neighbor.  He is standing on the dash in this photo.  I would get in trouble for that.
It has been a busy day here.  Mama did laundry this morning.  She was gone longer than normal because she was talking to her friend who works there.  She came home and put the clothes away and then she dumped the tanks.  She still needs to clean, but that takes less than 15 minutes. 

I chilled in the sunbeam yesterday.  Yes, I am naked.  Mama took my collar off of me for a few minutes and gave me a good neck rub.
Last night, our Emeals meal was Beef Stroganoff.  Dad asked her how she made it because he said it was really good. 
Beef Stroganoff.  It is not supposed to be all mixed together, but Dad came home late and we didn't want the noodles to still be warm.
Tonight's meal is lasagna.  I bet is going to make a big mess in the kitchen.

Mama's latest review is on Maggie Rita's Modern Mexican.

Have a nice day everyone, I need to take a nap before my afternoon patrol of the resort.

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