Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Wagon Is Here!

Mama ordered a wagon to carry the laundry.  It arrived yesterday.

This is what is looks like when it is folded and in its' bag.

It easily converts to this:
It has drink holders in the front and dividers inside.

It is a little bigger than she expected or maybe it seems that way inside our RV.  It will easily hold two bags of laundry.  It holds up to 150 pounds.

Mama hopes that it is okay to bring it inside the laundry room.  It definitely will make laundry days easier for her.  However, while staying here, she could have rented a golf cart for just $6 a day.

A nice lady saw Mama carrying the box with the wagon in it from the office and offered her a ride in her golf cart.  (Yes, Mama could have taken it out of the box, but she wasn't sure if it was all put together.) Mama hit her head while getting into the golf cart.  BOL!    People are really friendly here.

The Greyhound Who Will Not Be Riding In The Wagon

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