Friday, December 28, 2012

It's Mail Day!

Mama is excited because our mail is coming today. If you don't know, we use a mail forwarding service. It just so happens that it is in Texas.  Our real address is a Texas address.   All our mail is sent to this company and whenever we want, we request it to be sent to us. Since we have been on the road for a month, we have only requested our mail twice - every two weeks.  The last time, we really didn't get much.  This time, however, we think there will be magazines and Christmas cards.  Mama is really hoping that her Celebrating Greyhounds magazine is there. The postage was more this time, so there has to be more than the last time. Mama is excited.  We are very happy with the company so far.  It is part of the Escapees Club that we belong to and they offer very personal service.  Mama says they are very friendly.

Yesterday, Mama discovered apps to her favorite radio stations from home.  She put them on her tablet and now she can listen to things from back home. She has been listening to the app that has the police scanner from back home and she enjoys that.  It is not as good as her real police scanner, but it's a taste of home just the same.  She has set up her police scanner for here, but she doesn't find it to be quite as interesting.

It is a rainy day here.  If we didn't know better, it looks like it could snow.  We just got back from our walk. It really bothers us when dogs walk behind us.  Does it bother anyone else?  We have to keep turning around to see what they are up to. This morning, we just pulled off to the side to let the dog pass us.

Me chewing on a bully stick this morning.

Scout pouting because she wants the bully stick.
Mama started on a scarf yesterday.  She is making good progress. She decided that she needed one when the windchill was in the teens the other morning.  She wore her winter coat and gloves, but didn't have a scarf.  It is almost like we are living in the old days, isn't it?  Mama is waiting on our mail to be delivered and making a scarf to survive the winter.  LOL

The yarn is from our stay in Indiana.  It is blue, brown and cream.  Mama says it is so easy to use and very soft.
This is our toy box.  We broke out our bag of toys last week.  Mama thought I was bored, but I really just needed to pee.
The Emeals dinner last night was really good according to the folks.

Beef and Wild Rice Bake
It is made with ground beef, a box of wild rice, tomato soup and cheese.  Mama added more cheese on top, just because.  Dad said it would make a good burrito. 

Tonight is grocery shopping night.  The folks are going to try the Super Target.  Tomorrow, they will look at motor homes again. 

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