Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our Tree Has Lights!

Mama found some small battery operated lights for our little tree.  The lights are really too big for our tree, but it is all the Super Target had and Mama was not daring enough to drive around too much.  She was scared she would get lost. Yes, she has a GPS, but "Maggie" gets confused with the feeder roads here.  She tells us to turn when we shouldn't.  Mama did take one wrong turn and got a little scared, but she made two u-turns and she was back on track.  She feels better since she got out yesterday and drove around.  She was telling Dad how to get home last night because he was confused.  BOL!

Our tree with the greyhound ornament under it.
Our thoughts still remain with the all the people who lost loved ones yesterday.  I don't think we will ever understand this senseless tragedy.

The Greyhound Who Likes His Christmas Tree

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