Thursday, December 6, 2012

More Scenes From The RV Park

We are delighted that more people are putting up Christmas lights.  Mama asked Dad if we could get some lights to put on the inside of our windshield. We have seen several motor homes that have done that and it looks festival.  Dad said "Whatever you want."  Mama says we must do it this weekend before Dad changes his mind.

An action shot of us in the large dog run.

Another shot of the large dog run. The new sod is not doing well.

We can see horses from the dog run. 

We think this guy is creepy!

Pink flamingos!

The forbidden lake.

Palm trees by the pool area.

Another shot of the forbidden lake.

Yep, the lake again.  We live across the lake.

We decided to check out the dog wash area.

Some poor dog has recently been here.

Golf carts that we can rent.

The very small dog run.

The Texas flag is everywhere.  We think it's pretty cool.  You don't see the Missouri flag at many places.

Here's Goldie.  She really is level.  Mama was just slanted.
Last night our Emeals dinner was Cowboy Combo.  It was made with ground beef, potatoes, onions and cheese.  Mama decided to add corn and bacon bits to it since we had them.  It turned out good.  She added some red pepper to give it a little spice.

 Today, we are waiting impatiently for the mail delivery.  Mama ordered a GPS for geocashing and it is supposed to arrive today. She is very excited.  She can also use it for hiking.  She said we won't have to be afraid of getting lost when we go out on our own.

Mama's last food review for this week is on Luby's Cafeteria.  This is a place that has many locations around Houston and the folks wanted to try it the last time they were here, but never did.  You may have heard about this chain on the news. In 1991, 23 people were killed inside of one and 20 others were injured.  That is really all Mama knew about the place.  The killings took place in Killeen, TX.

Scout trying to take a nap on the floor.
The Greyhound Who Doesn't Need A GPS For Geocashing

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