Monday, December 17, 2012

One Step Closer

We may be one step closer to getting a new motor home.  We have a contract on our house!   There are a lot of contingencies that we need to get through so Mama is not excited yet. We should know in two weeks if everything will work out.  Our agent is going to continue to show our house and we will take backup offers if they come in.  Paws and fingers are crossed here.

It was a quiet weekend here.  Saturday, the folks went out to dinner with someone Dad knows from work. They went to a Tex Mex restaurant. Mama will review it later. Yesterday, it rained most of the day, so we all stayed inside.  The folks did go out for dinner.  Dad went to a work Christmas party after that.  Our agent called while Dad was gone and told Mama that we were under contract. We stayed up late and watched Survivor.  Dad got home early enough to see the announcement of the winner on Survivor since it started so late.

The Houston Texans are in the playoffs, so that is exciting since we are living here.  I am not switching out my Rams' collar yet, but since we may become Texas residents while we are here, I may adopt the Texans as my second favorite team.

The Greyhound Who May Be In The Market For A New Motor Home In January

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