Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's Windy!

It is so windy here today.  The motor home is rocking.  Our walk this morning was interesting.  We saw one awning that was ripped in half.  A child's playground slide slid into the street after we passed by.  We saw two Christmas trees that had fallen over. Our Christmas garden flag was about ready to take flight, but we caught it in time and took it inside.  We didn't make it through the whole resort this morning. It was just too hard to walk. The wind gusts are up to 60 mph.  It's a good thing we are big dogs. Can you imagine if we were small?  We would be tossed around.  We are back in the motor home staying warm with our heater. Mama is wishing she would have bought that Starbuck's hot chocolate mix that she saw a few weeks ago.  It is hot chocolate with salted caramel.  She said it is a little pricey, but I bet she buys it tomorrow. 

Mama has been trying to get pictures of the wild parrots that we see from time to time.  She finally got a few shots. Normally, there are several together, but this one was by himself.   She wishes she had a better camera.  Santa, are you listening?   She tried to adjust the color to show how green he was.

Saturday, we were talking to the lady who gave Mama that Subway sandwich when we first moved in.  She mentioned seeing these birds and hoped to get pictures, too.  We asked if they liked living by the lake.  The lady said "Oh, yes!"  The husband said "My daughter told us it was the same price. Same price, yeah right!  It is $118 more a month!  She arranged to have us move and she is paying for it, but it's not worth it."  Mama had thought about moving to have a lake view, but when she heard the price, she said we would stay put.  The couple is really nice.  They are from New Mexico and will be going further south once they are finished with doctor visits.

Here we are walking yesterday.  We have our Christmas collars on.

A sad reminder of the CT killings - the Texas flag is lowered.

The dog that lays on the dash.

He barks at us.
Mama fixed lasagna Emeals style the other night.  She liked it and had leftovers for lunch yesterday.  It had wide noodles instead of lasagna noodles.

The Greyhound Who Is Glad His Sister Is Big Boned Because She Is Helping Weigh Down The Motor Home During The High Winds.  BOL!

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