Thursday, December 27, 2012

Quiet Day

There is not a whole lot going on here at the resort this week.  Several of the regulars are gone for the holidays.  We can tell they are coming back because they left some items such as BBQ grills and propane tanks on their sites.

Yesterday, we were out walking and the park manager got in a golf cart and chased us down.  He asked Mama if she was using bags.  Mama promptly showed him a full bag.  I guess she answered that question.  BOL!  They talked about many people not using bags.  Mama complained about the dog run being so nasty.  He agreed and said he doesn't know what to do about it.  

Golf cart that was decorated for the holidays.
Many of the people have taken down their lights, including us. We still have our tree up.  Mama said we will take it down on New Year's Day or when the batteries die, whichever comes first.

Mama ordered our mail yesterday, so we should have it tomorrow.  We think we may have a Christmas card or two and hopefully some magazines.  Our bully sticks will be here on Monday! 

Mama finally updated the restaurant blog.  She ate Greek food for the first time over the weekend.   Yia Yia Mary's Greek Kitchen.

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