Thursday, December 13, 2012

Do You Know A Greyhound That Throws Tantrums?

Yes, you do!  You know me, don't you?  I throw a tantrum when I don't get my way.  We have a routine when we walk. We ALWAYS stop at the large dog run.  Yesterday, Mama said we couldn't stop because another dog was using it. I stumped my feet, did two full circle turns and then stumped my feet again.  That is my tantrum. Guess what?  It worked!  The dog left the dog run and we got to use it. BOL!

Our bully sticks arrived the other day.  It was very exciting!
Open it!  I really need thumbs!

Bully sticks and other things!


A lamb's ear.

Stop taking pictures! I will throw another tantrum!

These are the big bully sticks. They are very thick.
Mama irons Dad's work clothes and that is a difficult task in our motor home.  She found an ironing board that she likes.
It folds up, so it is easy to store.

Here it is unfolded before the legs come out.

There it is.  The legs are tall enough that she can use it on the bed.

It has a rack for the iron which is really nice.

The rack is really convenient.
Mama hopes that our next motor home has a spot big enough to keep a full sized ironing board, but if not, this works pretty well. 

Mama put up a new restaurant review.  This one is on Beck's Prime.

Have a nice day everyone!  It is sunny and warm here.  I no longer have to hide under my blanket. BOL!

The Greyhound Who Thinks Tantrums Work

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