Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nice Neighbors Left

The nice neighbors who gave us the Subway sandwich left yesterday.  Dad came home from work and asked if we scared them off. We told him he was silly, but you know what?  When we were walking this morning, we saw them. Maybe we did scare them off.  Actually, they moved to a lakeside site, so they moved up in the world.

We like not having neighbors on that side of us.  Mama says she can leave our door open and not feel like people are watching us.

This is our view now.  The sites are close together here. It's nice not having someone right next to us, but it probably won't last long.
Mama went to the office yesterday and asked them if we had to pay for our electric since we are here for a month.  They said yes.  We thought we had to, but Mama told them that she wrote down our meter reading when we arrived and it has not changed. Do you know what the lady said to Mama?  She said "Are you sure you are plugged in?  Do you have electric inside?"  There was another man standing there who just smiled at Mama.  Mama assured her that we had electric.  Mama said she should have said "Oh, let me go check."  Duh!  It has been in the 80's here and both of our AC units have been running.  I think we would have complained immediately if we didn't have electric inside.  The lady wrote down our site number on a post-it note with nothing else, so it's possible they will not come by to check on it. Mama is not impressed with the office.  She also told them that the large dog run was out of dog bags. The office lady said she knew, but hadn't gotten around to it.  Mama told her that people are not cleaning up after their dogs since there are no bags.  They were never good at cleaning up there, but without the bags, it has gotten really bad.  The office lady said "Ewww!"  They finally put bags in the dog run today. It took three days! Supposedly, you can be fined $20 for not cleaning up after your dog. Well,  they are missing out on a lot of money in that dog run.  BOL!

Last night, we watched our neighbor rope a "bull".  It is not a real bull, but it was still neat to see him do it.

The Bull

The Emeals dinner last night was Beef Tips over Noodles with Sauteed Yellow Squash.  Mama fixed it in the crock pot instead of baking it for three hours as the instructions told her to do.  The one thing that was different about this recipe is that is called for ginger ale.  It had onion soup mix, cream of mushroom soup and ginger ale.  The folks said it was good. We didn't have any of it.

Beef Tips over Noodles and Sauteed Yellow Squash.  Mama mixed it all together so that it would still be good when Dad came home. We never know what time he will be home.
Saturday night, the folks ate at Escalantes Mexican Grille.  You can click the link for Mama's review.  She said it was GOOD.

The Greyhound Who Liked Watching The "Cowboy" Rope The Bull

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