Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Life Lesson

Yesterday, I had a life lesson. I thought at the age of five that I knew it all, but I was wrong.  Are you ready for my life lesson?

Not everything is soft like a stuffie.  
A very soft stuffie.
A vacuum is very hard, not soft.
It hurts to bite a vacuum.   I hate that vacuum and yesterday I had enough.  Mama was using it and I bit it hard.  OUCH!  I thought I broke my teeth.  Mama checked and said I was okay, but I was stunned.  I just laid down and thought about the lesson I learned.

 It has been really warm here until this week.  We were at 80 on Sunday and then our high yesterday was in the 50's. It was near freezing last night.  We know that is not that cold, but our motor home is very drafty. The good thing is that we will be using our air conditioners by the end of the week.

We either need to go further south or buy a better insulated motor home.

It is really nice when the sun is out because it warms up our motor home fast.

Scout liked the sun for a little while, but then got hot.  She prefers cold weather.

The flowers are still very pretty.

Isn't this cute?  Santa is in the tent and the reindeer are roasting marshmallows.  At night, the fire lights up.

Last night, our Emeals was a Mexican pizza.  Mama loved it!  It made a pretty big mess in the kitchen though.  She fried the tortillas, so that took a skillet. She browned the ground beef in the electric skillet.  She added refried beans to the ground beef.  She then layered each tortilla with ground beef and beans, salsa, black olives, green onions, tomatoes and cheese.  She stacked two of those on each other and baked for about ten minutes.  Mmmmm!!!!
Mexican Pizza
Mama has a new review on her restaurant blog. It is on Little Pappasito's Cantina.

Rumor has it that we will have a package delivered today full of bully sticks and other chew things!

The Greyhound Who Has Learned That You Are Never Too Old To Learn Life Lessons

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