Monday, December 24, 2012

Hiking With Alligators

Yesterday, Dad surprised us by taking us to a state park that is about an hour from our resort.  I was very excited that we were actually leaving our gated community.

"Oh boy!  This is going to be fun!"

Texas charges a fee of $7 per adult.  Greyhounds are free.

We decided to do an easy 1/2 mile walk around the lake.

Scout didn't want to go.  Was she scared of the alligators, venomous snakes or thinking there might be stairs?

She is asking Dad to take her back to the car.

Mama took charge of Scout and off we went.  Yes, I'm wearing my boot.  My foot still hurts from time to time.

Lots of birds.

More birds.  Mama really needs a new camera, but Santa is not bringing her one.

"Come on, Mama!"


Scout puts her foot where other animals have put theirs.

Dad said it was like the Animal Walk of Fame.  BOL!




Okay, enough turtles!


A view of the lake.
 We saw all the creatures while just walking about the lake. It was pretty amazing.

An old Oak Tree
 We went Geocashing, but we gave up and Dad found it without us.  He said it was pretty far back in the woods.  Mama said he was nuts to go that far back with the snakes, alligators and ticks.  We decided that Scout is not a geocashing dog and I am probably not either. 

We had a fun time and we were very tired when we got home.

We were supposed to bake cookies with Mama today, but it is almost 80 degrees.  We are already running our air conditioning, so we will wait to use our oven for a day when it is colder like tomorrow afternoon.  We are supposed to get bad storms tomorrow morning and then it will turn cooler.

Merry Christmas everyone!

The Greyhound Who Walked Among The Alligators

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