Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Laundry Day!

Today was laundry day.  Mama decided to wash all the sheets, so she had a full load today.   She used her new wagon.  She said it was much easier than carrying it.

The laundry wagon.
While doing laundry, Mama talked to a lady that she met last week.  They have been here for a year.  Mama asked her the best places to shop.  It sounds like we need to go in the opposite direction from where we have been going.  Mama suspected that and planned on going that way this weekend. 

Today is a much cooler day. We had rain yesterday.  It definitely doesn't feel or look like it is December.  The flowers are still going strong here.

This morning while we were walking Mama said "Joey, where is your boot?  Did we put it on you?"  I couldn't remember.  Scout couldn't remember either but said "It didn't seem like it took so long to get out the door.  It takes forever since we have to put a harness on Joey, then a collar and his boot."  We started retracing our steps and a few times Mama thought she saw the boot, but it was a sprinkler head.  We made it back to the RV and I refused to go back inside.  Mama looked in the door and saw my boot there.  Thank goodness!  She put it on me and off we went again. 

Last night our Emeals dinner was skillet burritos.  They are made of black beans, cheddar cheese, salsa and cooked rice.  You place the ingredients on a tortilla and fold it into a burrito and then place it in a skillet and brown it.  Mama said it was good even though it didn't have meat in it.

Good news!  The management has put new dog bags in our dog run. Mama says they have the best bags.  They are large and thick.   Later in the day, someone cleaned up the mess in there.  However, someone has already messed it up this morning.  Grrrr!

There was an agent open house at our house yesterday. 20 agents filled out comment cards.  The comments were all good.  There were a few comments about our purple kitchen.  One agent said she had a potential buyer. We had a showing on Sunday, but those people said no to it. They didn't like the road.  The road (old highway) is one of the things that Mama really liked about it.  We are thinking maybe they had small children.  The neighbors are still thinking on it.  They may be thinking they can get a better deal on it the longer it stays on the market.

Mama ordered us bully sticks today as well as a few other items.  Yum!

Mama's restaurant review today is on China Border.

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