Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cookie Baking Day

 Okay, maybe it is not a true cookie baking day, but Mama did make a batch of peanut butter cookies.  Okay, maybe it wasn't a batch.  It was a dozen and they are the refrigerated ones.  She just put them in the oven.  It still created a nice smell in our RV.  Honestly, this is as close as we get to baking cookies these days. We don't even have a mixer.  It takes cookies two to three times as long as they are supposed to take to bake in our oven and we can only fit six on our cookie sheet, so it takes an hour to make a dozen.  BOL!  She said we will bake another dozen on Christmas Eve. 

Mama had the car yesterday, so she went shopping. She didn't really buy anything exciting.  She ate at Five Guys and wasn't impressed. She had a cheeseburger, fries and a drink for $10. She had eaten at one in St. Louis and thought it was better.  She picked Dad up from work and they ate at Panda Express for dinner.  She was very impressed with the food.  She was so excited that she forgot to take pictures. Panda Express is a chain restaurant.  You choose your side item and then you can either have two or three entrees.  She chose fried rice as her side and Mushroom Chicken and Shanghai Angus Steak as her entrees.  She loved it all.  Dad had eaten at one in Kansas City and said he thought it was great. Mama definitely wants to go back.

Dad brought home a gift from work.  He told Mama to open it before they went grocery shopping so that they knew what snacks not to buy.

What could it be?  Cookies?

Oh, I almost forgot.  Mama removed my corn yesterday.  She has tried many different things. She tried duct tape, creams, but what finally got rid of it?  She dug it out like Genji's Corner suggested.  It was really hard to see until recently when the growth of it took off.  She was getting ready to order the corn remover tool when someone on Greytalk said they used a cuticle pusher.  She bought one yesterday and now my corn is gone.  Mama was nervous, but I was a very good boy.  We know it will come back, but now we are more confident on removing them, so hopefully it won't take us so long the next time.  I am "bootless Joe" for now.  BOL!

Happy Saturday!

The Greyhound Who Is Corn-less And Boot-Less Today

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