Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bennett Springs - Part 2 Of Our Final Family Vacation In Our Motor Home

Bennett Springs is one of our favorite places to stay.  Dad loves it because he likes to trout fish.  Mom and I like it because we enjoy our long walks in the morning and evening.  The morning walks are the best.  It is very peaceful.  We just walk and walk and walk.  It is definitely one of my favorite places.  We probably won't be back though unless we rent an RV on our next trip home.  We may just have to wait until we buy another RV which won't be until Dad retires and I will be around 15 then.  Yikes!  So, we enjoyed this trip like it was our last and it was a fun time!

The Mama started approaching us, so we left.

This is the dining lodge.  The folks ate there a few times.  Mom brought me some chicken.

This is Mom's favorite spot.

More deer.  We saw them in the early evening near the campground.
I haven't mentioned it yet, but the folks are losing weight.  Dad has lost 30 pounds and Mom has lost 20.  This trip has been a real test for them, but they are maintaining pretty well.  They normally only eat out once or twice a weekend, but since we are on vacation, they have eaten out one meal each day.  They are very careful the rest of the day.  There are just a few places Mom wanted to be sure they ate at and one was Bandana's.  It is a BBQ place that we don't have in Texas.

Shredded pork with beef brisket. 
 Mom said Bandana's was really good.  The garlic bread is 239 calories a slice, so she basically just ate one.  Well, maybe a little of the second one. The coleslaw is 209 and the green beans are 30.  The meat really wasn't bad.  They only eat 1,200 calories a day.  I think Mom figured this meal was about 800, but I could be wrong on that.   I think they are trying to stay below 2,000 calories a day while on this trip and will have to be sure to get back on their 1,200 calories a day when we get back to Houston.

Here are the final pictures from Little Rock of the bridge that was lit up.  Mom forgot to edit them and they are all crooked.


Oh, in case you are wondering....we did rent a condo at the beach in Galveston for the winter.  After we get back to Houston, we will start moving our things into a storage facility until we either buy a condo or rent an apartment.  We have the condo rented until February.  Mom said she thinks I will like the condo, but there is an elevator.  😮  Dad said it is very quiet and doesn't move fast, so maybe I will like it.  I didn't like the one in the hotel at all.  If I don't like it, I only have four flights of stairs to go up and down every time I have to go outside.  I figure it will be good exercise for Mom. 😂

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