Wednesday, August 9, 2017

It is Almost Vacation Time!

It is almost time to hit the road again.  We will be gone for two weeks.  This vacation is a little sad though.  It is our last vacation in our motor home.  Yes, you read that correctly.  After we return from our vacation, we are going to sell our motor home.  Why?  Well, it is just too expensive to let sit.  We could justify the expense when we were still traveling, but now that we are parked, it is a big waste of money.

Where will we live?  We don't know.  BOL!  At first, we were just going to buy a cheap, used fifth wheel and park it here.  The problem with that is that we don't have a truck to move it so we would have to hire a driver every time we want to move.  We would most likely just stay here for the next five years.  The other problem is that Mom doesn't think I can do the steps to get into it.  She would like Dad to build a small porch and maybe a ramp for me.  There are rules here about that sort of thing though, so that would be an issue.  I think the folks decided to throw that plan out the window.

Another option is buying a condo in Galveston.  Dad really likes that idea because he would like to rent it out after he retires.  His plan after retirement is to buy a small motor home and he and Mom will travel the country in the summer and live in the condo in the winter.  Tourist season in Galveston is during the summer. The plan was for us to rent a condo this winter to see if we even liked living there.  We have hit a major snag in that though.  Most of the condos do not allow large dogs.  The folks looked at one and Mom wasn't thrilled with it.  We then learned that a new ruling said no large dogs in that building, but now we heard they may allow older large dogs after all. They voted on it last weekend, but we haven't heard the results.  It has been a roller coaster ride for sure.  We had a place that we might be able to lease with an option to buy, but that is the place that had the change about big dogs.   That is also the building that Mom isn't thrilled about.  We would be living on the eighth floor and if the elevator went out, guess who would be going up and down eight flights of steps?  Mom also said she doesn't know if she would feel safe at night if nature called me outside.  She would also no longer have her own washer and dryer.  The best thing about the place is the view.  I guess we will have to see what comes of all of this.

This could be my view soon.

Possible new home. Everyone has a view of the beach.

The third option is renting an apartment near here.  The folks looked at one this past weekend.  Mom loved it.  We would be on the ground level, so no steps.  It is a gated community.  They are very pet-friendly and have a fenced dog park. They allow dogs inside all the buildings.  They even have a dog spa.  I am not sure what that is, but Dad said I wouldn't like it.  Mom said I would be allowed to walk the entire property. Nothing is off limits to me.  It sounds pretty cool to me.  Mom said we would be much safer there during storms and we could probably even stay during hurricanes.

Dad was totally against the apartment at first but financially it makes more sense than the fifth wheel.  He is still really hoping that Galveston works out.  It would be fun to live there.  The beaches are all dog-friendly.  There is a lot more to do there than here.  It would be fun to watch people from my balcony.  We will just have to wait and see what happens when we get back from our vacation. Mom had hoped to have something lined up before we left, but people in Galveston take "island time" very seriously and getting answers is slow going. Mom heard back from a rental agent today that she contacted last Friday. Yep, island time moves at a much slower pace.

Don't forget to check out this auction: Dogs Days of Summer   This is the group that Jack, Scout and I came from and that helped me so much with my leg.  The track in Mobile, AL is closing and they are hoping to bring in some of those dogs.  They really need money in order to do that. There are several items that still don't have bids yet.

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