Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paper Shredding - Part 2

Watching Mama shred all those papers got me wanting to try some of my own shredding.  Last night, Daddy was reading the paper and I ran up to it and tore out the middle.  I know, pretty funny, right?  LOL

Daddy said "NO!", but then he started laughing so hard that I don't think it was really a NO.  Mama about fell off the couch laughing at me.

Mama tried to re-create the incident and I was more than happy to help her with that, but Daddy (the fun police) said it was not a good idea.  So, we took these photos instead.  I look a little vicious in this one.  I'm chewing a bully stick while Mama looks through the damaged paper.

Here's another one, but you really can't see the paper.

It doesn't sound like we are going to the park today.  Mama and Daddy are busy with doing chores around the house and it's a little chilly today anyway.

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