Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The HUGE Adventure Is Being Delayed....I Think

It appears that our HUGE adventure will be delayed until Dad returns from Hawaii.  Yesterday, our trip was on and off a few times.  We haven't heard anything today, but we are assuming that Dad is leaving for Hawaii on Sunday.  Mama was upset when she heard the news, but she has accepted it and has spent today contacting companies to keep services turned on instead of turning them off.   There had been talk that she would allow the cable to be turned off as planned and she would use the new portable satellite, but Dad said she would probably be happier keeping things as they are now.  She has unlimited Internet and more TV channels than she could ever watch, plus she will still have her DVR which she loves.  So, the cable will remain on and our trash service will continue. 

Yesterday, when we thought we were leaving on Saturday, Mama decided to un-install her anti-virus on the computers because she gets it through the cable company.  When she tried to install the new anti-virus, it wouldn't install.  She found out that her Windows Installer was no longer working.  After much research, trying many different things and many re-boots later,  I am happy to report that she has repaired Windows Installer and now she has re-installed the anti-virus that she took off yesterday.  So, everything is basically back to the way it was 24 hours ago.

Dad is supposed to be going to the Big Island in Hawaii.  However, the resort he will be staying at is very secluded.  I don't think he will be having as much fun as he thought he would.  We hope it's just a 2-3 week trip.  It will take him 12 hours to get there.  That's a long travel day. 

Mama has decided she probably will not paint the bedroom while Dad is gone this time.  She is going to re-paint the front porch instead.  Also, she will be cutting the grass which is pretty funny.  Dad never wants her do it, so she is not very experienced.  She hopes she can get the lawnmower started.  That has been a challenge in the past.  We have someone who is going to cut it while we are traveling, but Mama said since she is not working, she feels bad paying someone to cut it. Stay tuned on the lawn cutting.  It could be quite interesting.  She sprayed the weeds last week and not much has happened.  She told Dad that the weed killer might be too old.  He asked her if she shook it before using it.  She hadn't.  She's going to re-spray the weeds. 

Dr. Mike just called and said that the results came back from the plates and screws and I am fine.  There is no infection.  That's good news!!!!   Mama told him that I am wanting to do more than I should and he said she has to hold me back.  Boo!  I may have to have a word with him on Friday.

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