Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm Doing Good

I was going to have Scout update you on things today, but I woke up with energy.  Yesterday, all I did was sleep.  Mama said it was due to my drugs, but I took the same drugs today and I don't feel as tired as I did yesterday. 

Scout is glad that I'm home, but she is disappointed that I don't feel like doing much. I did eat a Frosty Treat with her.
Mama took the bandage off Wednesday night.  She was nervous because it was hard to get off.  My leg doesn't look nasty though.   It's just has stitches and it's shaved.  Mama said she was going to sleep on the couch so she could keep an eye on me.  I didn't like that idea, so I slept in my bed in the kitchen.  I think she only slept a few hours that night.  Last night, she moved that bed to the living room, so she won that battle.  She puts a sock on my foot at night and she is worried that I will take it off and lick my stitches.  The first night, the sock didn't work because it was too big even with Velcro.  She switched to a smaller sock yesterday and things are going better.

I was so tired yesterday that I even let Mama cover me for a little while. 

Dr. Mike said that I have to stay quiet for a month.  I guess with the holes in my bone now, it is a little weaker.  The holes will fill in though and then I will be fine. Mama decided it was easier to take me down the ramp instead of walking me in the front yard.  She has to duck to get under the banister, but she says it's better for me to not do the steps out front and since I'm really not supposed to walk much, it's the best solution.

We are still waiting to hear if we are leaving on our HUGE adventure next Saturday.  Mama has a bad feeling that Daddy will be sent to Hawaii this trip, and since the RV can't go there, we will stay behind.  We knew we would all stay behind in the winter, but it didn't dawn on us that we might have to stay behind on the first trip. Mama is trying to come to terms with all of this, but we haven't heard the final word yet, so there is still hope. If we stay behind, Mama is going to paint the bedroom.  It's purple and gold and driving Mama crazy.  Mama has never painted, so it could be an adventure too.

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