Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Staying Busy

We've been keeping busy this week.  Mama bought mulch on Monday and put that in the front of the house.  It looks good.  Yesterday, we didn't do a whole lot. We took two walks and Mama worked on learning crochet again.  She wants to do this thing called Wiggly Crochet.  That's fine with us because it doesn't look like she will be making anything for us with it.  Scout said the last time she crocheted, she made scarves for her and Jack.  I know there are photos, but I can't find them and maybe I shouldn't remind Mama.  She might decide to make one for me.

Daddy is able to call us from the Virgin Islands on his cell phone.  The first night, the reception was terrible.  Last night, he called from outside his room and it was much better.  Mama heard a cruise ship come in as he was talking to her.  He said that mama wouldn't like it there because there are iguanas every where.  They are in the trees, on the ground, etc.  Mama doesn't like iguanas.

The weather is the same in the Virgin Islands as it is here right now.  That's strange.  Our weather is just warmer than normal. 

We were asked if Scout is bigger than me.  Yes, she is.  We don't have a good picture that shows it though.  She says she is bigger than me because I'm the little brother.  Mama calls me the little guy.  I'm not that little.  I weigh 75 pounds.  However, I look small compared to big-boned Scout.  LOL

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