Thursday, March 22, 2012


My stitches are supposed to come out tomorrow.  I hope so.  I'm tired of having to wear a sock to go outside.  I also have to wear one whenever Mama is not watching me.  I haven't played with my stitches, but Mama is not taking any chances.  In case you are wondering, I wear a women's size 10 sock.  LOL   Daddy's were just way too big.  It's been raining today, so I have to wear a white trash bag when I go outside.  The cows were really staring at me this morning and I just wanted to say "What? Have you not seen a greyhound wearing a trash bag before?" 

Our weather has been really nice.  We have had 9 straight days of temperatures in the 80's.  That is a new record for us.  Unfortunately, it makes the grass grow fast.  Mama is not happy about that since she will be the lawn care person soon.  Everything is pretty though because it's green again.  We have a lot of red bud trees here, so there are a lot of purple buds.

Mama is still sad about Daddy going to Hawaii.  She is worried about us because we miss him when he is just gone a few days and she doesn't know how we will handle a month.  I'm worried because Mama is not good at giving ear rubs.   She said it will be more fun for us when I can get in and out of the Jeep on my own.  I'm not supposed to do it right now because of my leg. So, for now, we will not be taking any trips.  Her back can only take so much lifting of me. A ramp would solve that problem, don't you think?

Mama ordered bully sticks yesterday and they should be here on Monday!

The Greyhound Who Hopes To Be Stitch-Free Tomorrow

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