Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm Stitch-Less!

The stitches are out!  I no longer have to wear a trash bag on my foot or Mama's sock.  I am allowed to take 5-10 minute walks and walk up our porch steps.  I am not allowed to get in and out of the Jeep on my own for three more weeks.  I'm not supposed to run or play.  I'm walking really well though.  Mama is very happy with how well I am doing.  Dr. Mike gave me more pain medications just in case I need them.  I finished up my antibiotics tonight.  I should be ready to go whenever Daddy gets home from St. Thomas. Can you believe he is being sent there?  Most people would be excited about it, but we really want to travel together.

Mama is doing better tonight.  She was really upset when she found out that Daddy was going to St. Thomas.  We went to bed happy last night.  Daddy thought he might just go to Kansas City for a week to work and we would go with him as kind of a warm-up to our future travels.  We found out early this morning that the St. Thomas deal might happen, but didn't know until this afternoon that it was definite.  Mama is a planner so all of this changing of plans is bothering her. We don't know how long he will be gone, but think it will be a full month.  He will get to come home for a weekend and we hope that we can start our adventure then, but who really knows.

Do you like our new background?  Mama thought it was really cute.  We live near Route 66.

Mama said to tell you that we will be fine.  We have family nearby, so no worries.

The Greyhound Who Is Now Sock-Less Joe

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