Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thanks For The Good Wishes

Thank you to everyone for the good wishes about our upcoming adventure.   We are very excited! 

 (This is what we will be living in.)

Mama has been busy shopping. She bought a weather radio, a new printer, and a tablet so that she can surf the Internet while we are going down the road. She will take her laptop.  They bought a MiFi, which is a hotspot so we have Internet. Our bully sticks are ordered.  Mama still has a few more things on her list to buy.  She wants to get everything bought this week so that she can be home with me after my surgery.

The RV is in the shop getting new tires.  The generator needed some work.  We need the generator so that we can have the AC going in our section of the RV while we are driving down the road.  It can get quite hot otherwise. 

The car is getting some work done tomorrow. 

Daddy built us a divider to put in the middle of the bed that we use in the motor home. Mama sewed a cover for it.  He did that because Scout doesn't like me to touch her when she sleeps.  I will take a picture of it when the motor home gets back home.   We are not going to take any of our beds with us.  :-O   I know, it sounds terrible doesn't it?  However, the bed that we have with the divider is very comfy.  Mama says we need to have as much floor space as possible so that she can walk without tripping over things. 

(This is the bed that now has a divider in it. The divider is not in this photo though.  It's a twin sized bed.  The divider can be removed if it doesn't work for us.)

I have to decide the toys I want to take.  I know that I am taking two of my hedgehogs.  I love them the most.  I think I am allowed five toys, but I am not sure.  We haven't asked Daddy and if we don't ask we can't be doing anything wrong, right?

Mama is going to work on more collars for us today.  She has at least three more that she wants to make.  She is going to take her sewing machine with her, but doesn't know if she will really use it.  She will need to use it on a picnic table.  I guess it depends on how much we wants to sew.

Daddy is in Kansas City this week.  He will be home on Friday, so it's just two nights without him.  He's my best buddy though and I really miss him when he's gone.

Mama set out our houseplants this morning with a free sign hoping someone would take them.  A lady just stopped and put them in her truck.  They were way too big to take them with us and Mama didn't know anyone who wanted them.  They both had sentimental meaning to Mama, so she is glad they are going to a new home.

We still don't know where we are going, but when we find out, we will give you clues.

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