Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Told You So

Scout here at the keyboard telling you about my experience with Joey's doctor.  We had a stormy day here on Friday.  I had planned to stay home while Joey went to the doctor to get his stitches out.  The skies turned black right before Mama and Joey left and there were tornadoes touching down across the river, so Mama said I should go with them because you just never know.  She didn't want me to be left home alone in case something bad happened.  It was a little scary riding in the car because the rain was coming down really hard, but we made it.

Mama explained to the vet and his assistant why I was there.  The vet assistant said she had never seen a female greyhound as big as me.  Are you ready for what the vet said?  He said "She is BIG BONED."  Isn't that what I have been telling all of you?  Daddy said he was probably kidding, but I am not sure.  He said that I look fine.  I'm very long and tall.  I'm bigger than some boys, you know.  It's not my fault I got the big girl gene.

Our bully sticks arrived yesterday.  We chewed on those for a while.  Mama is taking us on two long walks a day, but we are going separately.  She is trying to train Joey to walk better.  She may need to order the Freedom Harness that Miss Bunny's Mom suggested. 

The Greyhound Who Really Is Big Boned

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