Monday, March 12, 2012

Tomorrow Is My Surgery

Tomorrow is my surgery.  Mama doesn't want to think about it.  I can tell she is nervous.  My foot has been hurting me this weekend, so we all feel the surgery is the right thing to do.  It's still a little scary though. 

Saturday, the weather was beautiful.  We went to Route 66 State Park and walked there.  It's very easy walking there because it's flat.  We saw lots of people walking, rollerblading and bike riding.  It was fun!  On the way home, we picked up the satellite system for the RV.  We used to have a different satellite dish, but it wasn't automatic like this one.  Sometimes it took Daddy a really long time to get it to work and sometimes it didn't work, but this one should do it on it's own.  We will see.  They have a package where you don't have to sign a contract so it's month to month thing, so if we get somewhere where we have cable, we will just not use it.

We still don't know our destination, but Mama is concerned that Daddy will will be sent somewhere where the RV can't go, like Hawaii or St. Thomas.  We really thought we were being sent to Houston, so she was very excited.  Houston is no longer an option.  We hope they tell us today or tomorrow so that we can prepare one way or another.  Mama may be worried for no reason.  She's pretty down today between my surgery and the possibility of us not going with Daddy in two weeks.  She also has another cold, so that is not helping things. 

I've been playing with my football a lot the past few days.  I even hiked it like a real football player the other day.  Mama really laughed about that.

 I took my football outside to play with it.

Wait, what is that?
It's that darn rabbit! That rabbit better watch it because I'm going to be all better soon and I'm going to give him a real chase.

Scout and Mama will update you all tomorrow afternoon after my surgery.  I should be home Wednesday night in time for Survivor.

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