Friday, March 30, 2012

Passing The Time

There's not a whole lot going on here.  We are counting the days until Daddy comes home.  In two weeks, I am off of restrictions which means Mama can take us places in the Jeep.  I will be able to get in and out on my own.  I'm excited.  Mama looked at ramps this week, but decided that since it's just two more weeks, we can save the money and not buy one.  It will be fun to get out of the house again and go for an evening drive with Mama.  We are walking up and down our road for exercise.  I guess I'm being a little hard to handle, so Mama ordered me a New Freedom Harness yesterday.  It's supposed to help with pulling.  Mama just needs to walk faster, in my opinion.

Mama cut the grass in the backyard Wednesday night.  I watched her from the deck.  Her technique needs work, but she got it done. I was so excited that I gave her a hedgehog serenade.  Yep, I squeaked that hedgehog like crazy.  She laughed.  She's going to cut the front yard this morning. 

Apparently snake bites are up in the area this year.  We saw it on the news last night.  We really didn't need to see that.  Mama worries about snakes enough.  

Mama worked on her Wriggly Crochet for quite a while and decided it wasn't for her. LOL   She has moved on to making dish cloths.  Her plan is to make a table runner, but we will see.  Her concentration has not been very good this week.

Daddy said he went to a buffet Wednesday night.  He didn't ask the price so he was shocked when the bill arrived. The buffet was $47.   He said it was good, but it didn't have anything special on it.  The waitress told him to come back on Thursday because they serve crab legs. I bet that buffet costs even more.  He seems to be doing well and is enjoying the work there.

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