Monday, April 2, 2012

It's Hot!

It may get up to 92 today!  What is up with that?  We've been in the 80's for a while now which is not normal.  It was 89 yesterday.  We basically stayed inside except for our walks and bunny patrols.

We got some good news last night.  When Daddy returns from his trip, we are going on a two week trip!  It could be longer, but we won't know that until we are probably on the road.  Mama doesn't know if she should disconnect the cable before we leave home or not.  If we really are gone for an extended time, we don't want to pay for it.  The equipment has to be returned and we don't want to leave that for someone else to do.  She will probably disconnect it and use the portable satellite system if we have to come home.  So here's the deal.  When Daddy comes home from St. Thomas, he is taking a week of vacation.  We are going to stay in a few state parks in Alabama and then we will head to Marco Island because he has a meeting there the following week.  We may have to head back home after that if he is sent back to St. Thomas.   It's not how we wanted our huge adventure to go, but there's not a whole lot we can do about it.  Daddy is really enjoying the work, so that's good.

Mama mowed the front yard on Friday.  You should have seen how red her face was when she came in.  She took a shower and it was still red.  She cut the grass at 8:30 a.m., so it's not like it was really hot.  I played her another serenade on the hedgehog, but then Scout stole it from me.

How early is too early when it comes to cutting grass?  Mama thought she might be pushing it when she cut the grass at 8:30 a.m. on Friday, but a neighbor cut his grass on Sunday at 7:15 a.m.   We think he was rude cutting his grass that early, especially on a Sunday.  We really don't have houses right next to us, but he lives a little further up the road and has houses all around him. 

My new harness should arrive today.  I am not excited about it. It doesn't sound fun. Mama says I need training.

My leg has been hurting a little.  Mama cut my medicine back and I was doing fine, but I think it is hurting because I'm walking on it more.  I took a little medication this morning, so hopefully that helps.  I really enjoy my walks, so I hope I don't have to cut back on those.

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